Anchor Charts

Today I wanted to share my take on anchor charts. I'm not much of an artist but I try my best to make my anchor charts visually appealing to the students by substituting with clip art, photographs, and other graphics when necessary.

I make most of my anchor charts with my students so it's important to have the images prepared before hand and to have a rough idea how I want the charts to look. Sometimes I'll sketch them out while I write my lesson plans.

These first two were before I truly started the Daily five.

The anchor charts below are for the comprehension strategies from Mosaic of  Thought. When I introduce Determining Importance in reading I also introduce Heart Maps in writing.

Vocabulary anchor charts - we also had one for antonyms and multiple meaning words.


This one I saw on Pinterest.

Grammar/Language Arts

This one is not technically an anchor chart. It's a poster I made on my computer and then I enlarged it and laminated it.

Math - decomposing numbers above 10 into tens and more ones.

Character Education

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